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Archive of October 2008

Boxer 0.8 now released Saturday 25th October 2008

Get it now! The major changes are summarised breathlessly on the main download page, while the tedious nitty-gritty is in the changelog.

Despite the tiny 0.1 version increment, this version has the most improvements so far. Boxer 0.8 is a lot smarter about your Mac, more reliable, starts up faster, and asks fewer naggy questions. It also comes with a drag-drop game installer, which should take the guesswork out of installing and packaging games.

Cracking eggs to make omelettes

The riskiest change in Boxer 0.8 is that doubleclicking on Boxer no longer opens a DOS prompt: instead it shows your DOS games folder in Finder so you can browse your games. To get a DOS prompt now, you can either click on the DOS prompt icon in the DOS games folder, or just hold down Option as you start up Boxer.

For most users this should simply cut out the chore of navigating to the DOS games folder before launching a game. However, I expect there are users who prefer to fly by the seat of their pants and would rather have the old behaviour back. If the new behaviour bothers you, please get in touch and I can offer a custom workaround for now.

In other news

As astute readers may notice, the website has been reorganised and sports this spiffy new diary. I'm hoping this will be a good way for me to discuss where Boxer is going in future versions, and get feedback on where it has already gone. That is, as soon as I can work out how to get the comments module to work properly.

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