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Archive of February 2009

Good news everyone Friday 27th February 2009

Download the Boxer 0.9 beta

The new beta of Boxer 0.9 is available here as a 10.5-only universal binary. This release incorporates the features I’ve been showing off over the past few weeks, along with a few (hopefully pleasant) surprises.

I won’t be crying every beta from the rooftops this way, but this is a significant one and I need as much testing coverage as I can get. Not only is Boxer getting its tendrils deep into DOSBox itself, like some malevolent squid, but the entire DOSBox and SDL build process has been moved from grotty old makefiles to a nice tidy universal-compiling XCode project. Needless to say all this upheaval means I may have introduced new bugs or left a few babies in all the bathwater, and I’ll need your help tracking them down (especially you PowerPC users.)

A note on all this XCode business: moving to an XCode project makes no difference to Johnny End-User, but it opens the door for other Mac developers to make their mark on the Boxer/DOSBox codebase. Building a custom version of Boxer is now literally a one-click operation, rather than the humiliating error-prone ordeal that is the DOSBox build process on OS X. I’ll be releasing the sourcecode once I’ve tidied up a little, and look forward then to moving to a versioning system to which others can contribute.

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