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Archive of April 2009

Radio silence Tuesday 28th April 2009

Sorry that there have been no new news on Boxer for over a month: I’ve been very busy with Real Life lately, work and finances and moving to a new house, which has left no time for focusing on development work. Life should get less busy in May and June though, and I hope to get stuck into things again soon.

The most recent development work has been towards eliminating the Applescript wrapper. I had originally planned to do this for 1.0, and release 0.9 as another hybrid; but a flurry of capricious Applescript error reports has convinced me that it is time to dump that code like a corpse in a trunk. Once this step is out of the way, Boxer will be much more stable, easier to maintain, and able to open and install games from the menu without quitting the application each time.

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