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New website emerges Wednesday 3rd December 2008

A little prematurely to be sure—I had intended to launch the new site once 0.81 was out—but Google's ravenous, unslakeable hunger for new pages to index has forced my hand. So here we are: a swanky overreaching website for a humble little app.

My astute readers and robotic overlords will notice that the new website sports an Appcast feed, which delivers timely announcements of new releases to your inbox or feed aggregator. Or would do, were there any new releases to announce. (Boxer 0.8 also checks every few days for updates itself, so as soon as the next version comes out it should notify you when you start it up.)

The new release is plump and lusty, raised on a diet of cleverness and interface refinements. All it’s waiting on now is OS X 10.4 testing, so if you have 10.4 and are able to help out, please get in touch so I can kick the damn thing out the door already.

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