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Greetings Daggerfall fans (a new beta) Friday 10th July 2009

Edit: a special not-crashing-at-startup edition is now available! Download 0.86-20090711-1 here.

This beta includes DOSBox 0.73 and has a laundry list of improvements to game installation, compatibility and overall cleverness. Which is fortunate, because Daggerfall was just released for free by Bethesda today, and Boxer 0.85 has drive-space issues that can prevent it from installing.

As intimated in previous posts this version is not related to the 0.9 betas, but is instead a maintenance update to the 0.8x branch. That means there's no shiny Cocoa UI or friendly DOS I'm afraid. 0.9 beta users will probably want to download this anyway though, since DOSBox 0.73 gives significantly improved game performance and compatibility. An update to the 0.9 branch will be along soon hopefully.

This beta is not ready for primetime release, as it still needs localising and a lot of testing. Please report any crashes you find or other bugs you notice, and be sure to mention if a game that was working in 0.85 now isn't.

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