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Beta with a Bang Sunday 28th November 2010

OK boys and girls, Boxer 1.0 beta is finally here. This is the big one: Boxer 1.0 is now feature-complete and does everything Boxer 0.8x did and more. It’s also purest awesome.

I’ll be writing a series of blog posts over the next few days going into detail about the new tentpole features. In brief though:

Enough talk. Go grab the new version and get playing! (And be a good citizen and tell me about all the bugs you find.)

So what took you so damn long?

You know how back in July, I said all that remained was reimplementing game importing and the games folder? Well, it turned out that those two things were 80% of Boxer. These features are core to the Boxer experience, and reimplementing them properly — awesomely — ended up being a whole heaping bowlful of work.

Along the way of course, I got burned out on coding and fought off a crippling Minecraft addiction. But hey, that’s all behind us now.

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