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Second verse, same as the first Sunday 12th February 2012

Boxer 1.2.2 is out, hot on the heels of the previous release to fix a couple of serious crasher bugs. The full release notes are here, in RSS form as usual.

Because I’m pathologically incapable of doing a simple bugfix update, I also slipped in a new feature: a simulated numeric keypad to help out players with Macbooks or Apple Wireless Keyboards. In a nutshell:

While Fn is held down the 789, UIO and JKL keys act as the 9 numpad keys, the “M” and “,” keys act as 0 and period, the “.” key acts as Enter and the 6 key acts as Num Lock. The column of keys to the right of these acts as /, *, + and - on the numpad.

If you don’t want to hold down Fn all the time, you can also toggle the numpad behaviour on and off with Cmd+U or Emulation ▸ Simulate Numeric Keypad.

I’ve also (re)introduced paste-to-DOS, which had been around in pre-1.0 versions but was cut for being too buggy. You can now paste single or multiple lines of text at the DOS prompt, letting you easily enter command sequences and complicated paths.

In a future release I'll expand this feature to let you paste text into any DOS application - I can see that coming in really handy for text editors and parser-driven games.

Finally, after some constructive pushback in the comments for the 1.2.1 release, I’ve also reverted Boxer’s default location for the games folder back to [your home folder]/DOS Games/. I appreciate better now how many users regard the Documents folder as sacrosanct—unfortunately, OS X is pretty short on good places to put the-kind-of-objects-that-game-ROMs-are. (This will probably be revisited again when Boxer goes through app store submission, which will be Real Soon Now I Promise.)

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