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0.81 feature creep Monday 3rd November 2008

0.81 has, Katamari-style, agglomerated a few new features on its roll toward release.

The first of these is preliminary support for long filenames. This, alas, does not mean displaying long filenames in DOS; it just means that Boxer correctly resolves a path like /The Quick Brown Fox/Jumped.Over.the.Lazy.Dog to its miserable DOSBox equivalent, \THEQUI~1\JUMPED~1.DOG. Which almost never comes up in practice, but is nice to have nonetheless.

The second of these features is smarter behaviour when quitting games. Previously, Boxer gave you a “Press any key to close” message once a game had exited, which was of no use if the program crashed or you needed to tweak the settings or what-have-you. Now, Boxer asks you whether you would like to close the window or return to the DOS prompt: This is courtesy of the really quite lovely WBAT dialog library by Horst Schaeffer; I’ll be using this dialog library for other Boxer DOS-prompt tools in future.

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