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Yet more feature creep Tuesday 18th November 2008

Boxer 0.81 is still waiting on a couple of significant bugs and some localisation, but in the meantime I've been making DOS itself more pleasant. 0.81 bundles a handy 3rd-party utility—the marvellous LOCATE by Charles Dye—and adds some new commands to help you get around easier in DOS.

For instance, you can now type RESTART to reset the DOS session and relaunch your game; PROGRAMS to get a list of executable programs in your current directory; and LAUNCH program-name to launch a program from anywhere, without needing to find it and change to its directory first. The IPX networking menu has also been prettified:

Alas, it seems there’s a DOSBox OpenGL renderer bug which occurs on some Macs. If your DOS window comes up black until you move it or go fullscreen, could you get in touch with me?

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