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Merry Christmas released Wednesday 24th December 2008

Because I love you, Boxer 0.85 is now available. Yes, this was called Boxer 0.81, but then I skipped a few versions out of vanity; there were so many improvements that a teeny 0.01 bump felt terribly meagre. Full release notes are here, but in brief this version is prettier, smarter and (I hope) more reliable in every respect. The new version will also be rolled out by automatic update in the next couple of days, once all you early adopters have stubbed your toes on it.

This release was made possible by me managing to install a copy of OS X 10.4 to a USB stick, so I could finally do proper testing. It’s amazing what you can do with these computer things these days.

Have a merry non-denominational holiday everyone, and please don’t give me any bug reports for christmas.

Edit: concerned about the linear relationship between Boxer’s girth and my hosting bill, I’ve trimmed the 0.85 download to a svelte 16.6 MB from 19.2 MB. This was done by optimising icons and removing unused emulation files from the Gravis Ultrasound drivers. If you have already downloaded 0.85, don’t bother doing it again; there have been no changes in functionality.

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