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Live dangerously Sunday 4th January 2009

Happy 2009!

Ok sensation-seekers, there’s now a Betacast feed which tracks Boxer beta versions, just like the Appcast feed tracks official releases. Each version entry has a list of changes and a link to download that version.

If you’re not afraid of a bug or two then give the betas a go; the latest one lets you finesse the game installation process by holding down Option as you drag-drop a game. Please let me know about any bugs you find and any new features you love or hate, preferably before I go and release.

Please don’t link to beta versions though: old beta downloads are likely to disappear on a regular basis, and besides which they might contain herpes. And you wouldn’t want to give your friends herpes.

As a side note, Boxer betas will automatically check for newer betas at startup, as well as newer releases. Which is nice.

Boxer is busy cramming European languages, because we all know the ladies love a continental man. It’s currently studying Dutch, Italian and Norwegian, and might try to pick up a smattering of French and Brazilian Portuguese too before the next release. Bonjoooouuuur.

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